The Eatery

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The Eatery
U Uranie 18
Praha 7

+420 603 945 236 (Tue-Sat 10.00-23.00)

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Opening Hours
Tue–Fri 11:30–15:30
Tue–Sat 17:30–23:00



The Eatery

Dinner menu


'celery baked in soil' (V) (celery baked in soil, lovage and sour sauce) 179
'goat ragout' (ragout of kid goat, potato espuma, onion) 199
'snails from Brno' (braised snails, parsley, groats and Prague ham) 219
'bread & paté' (duck liver paté, bread crust chips, currant) 179
'char' (char from Chabrybárna fishery, radish, yoghurt and green apple granita) 189
'creamy soup of spring onion' (V) (creamy soup spring onion, lovage oil, potato) 99

Main Course

'"koprovka"' (V) (dill sauce, grenaille potato, egg) 249
'duck' (duck breast from Štěpánovsko farm, cherry, gingerbread stuffing and red cabbage) 329
'goat' (roulade and rib of kid goat from Rudimov farm, celeriac fondant, early morel, wild garlic) 339
'beef udder' (beef udder, bacon, gherkin, brioche dumpling) 299
'veal liver' (char-grilled veal liver, potato purée, onion and marjoram sauce 289
'flank steak' (beef flank steak from Klouda's butcher shop, spaetzli, green pea, spring onion) 349
'sturgeon' (sturgeon from Chabrybárna fishery, fregola, endive, chorizo) 399
'celery schnitzel' (V) (celery, ash baked potatoes, parsley, onion and tartar sauce) 239

Dessert and Cheese

'cheese cake' (cheese cake, pumpkin, pumpkin seed oil) 159
'pear' (poached pear, butter milk, walnuts and plum brandy) 139
'"žemlovka"' (brioche, curd, apple) 159
'cheese selection from Krasolesí and Bláto farm' (cheese, chutney, biscuits) 229